In 1998 I graduated University with a BA in Visual Arts.  I loved studying art, especially when I spent a year completing my degree at The University of Maine, USA.  It was here where I found my footing as an artist, but it was also here where my art career came to a halt.  

I had spent the majority of my time since graduating trying to earn money...but most importantly, trying to earn respect. I began working towards a career in mental health, which eventually became my primary and only career.

Somehow I got caught up in all of this and found myself at a cul de sac. So in 2010 I quit my job and moved to Granada, Spain, to teach English.

The move to Spain was necessary but very difficult; however, it had the desired effect and I began to see more clearly what I really wanted to do with my life, and how I could get there. I had no choice other than to become an artist.

In Spain I learnt that looking, seeing, recording, and drawing, was my most important career, and that all the other careers which I had been pursuing would now supplement the development of my art practice. Whether I got paid was not the mark of whether this should be a career or not; I just had to do it, paid or unpaid.

From this point on I made an agreement with myself; to start building up a body of work which would record my role as an observer, and provide evidence for my identity as an artist.  


1995-1996 Claremont School of Fine Art, Perth, Australia

1996-1999 School of Performing Arts, Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia

1997-1998 The University of Maine, Orono, Maine, USA


1994 Pride Exhibition, Perth, Australia

1999 Graduate Exhibition, Perth, Australia (honorable mention)

2008 The Paintings on the Wall, Sydney, Australia

2012 Touched, Sydney, Australia

2014 Loved Ones, Sydney, Australia

2016 Parallax Art Fair, London, UK

2019 Together Without You, Kingsbridge, Devon, UK